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Purely Woman School of Grace

Please visit Jordyn's new School of Grace website by clicking here

Purpose: To discover the art and grace and beauty as we celebrate God's powerful design and influence of the feminine spirit. 

The week long school begins each day at nine o'clock and ends at one o'clock  in the afternoon. The ladies will learn how to create lovely environments of welcome and beauty and learn the basics of etiquette, grace, and hosting. We will practice the charm of posture and mingling, the art of valuing others, asking wise questions, how to formally set a table, host with grace and many other venues of beauty. And the curriculum is now available for ordering to start your own school! Order your copy now, click here

For more information or to register, email Jordyn at or click here visit her new website! 

Also Available by Jordyn Wilson: 

Two-day Classes 
Miss Jordyn is now offering a two-day condensed version of the School of Grace! The cost is $40 per girl and the curriculum would be available to purchase for an additional $40. Please contact her for more information. 

 One-day School of Grace for Moms
For $25 a person Miss Jordyn is now offering a one-day class for moms who wish to learn the key principles of the School of Grace for their daughters! The time would be 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please contact Jordyn for more information. 

School of Grace Curriculum
The School of Grace curriculum is now available to order! The curriculum is sold as the Teacher's Manual package and the Student's Curriculum, click here to purchase! 

 Jordyn is the co-author of Purely Woman-Awakening the Heart of God Through Pure Living in Our Generation, speaker, creator of the Purely Woman School of Grace. Her passion is to see the young ladies of her generation use their God-given femininity to instill value and grace in others’ lives. She is a seeker of her Lord and Savior, loves a good cup of tea on a cloudy day as well as time spent with her growing family.   

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